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Saucier Photography workshops specialize in “creating and inspiring photography with heart.”

Charleston Photo Tour+

Spring is an incredible time to photograph in Charleston, SC, “The Holy City.” From the historic architecture of old Charleston to the beautiful colors of the azalea gardens in the Old South Plantations. Join Janet Garrity Saucier and Les Saucier on their Charleston Photo Tour+, the plus being a full half-day classroom critique.

March 25 – 29, 2019


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Les was my first photography mentor when I began to explore digital photography in 2005. His Lightroom workshop became the foundation for the file management and editing that I use. My creative photography skills have taken a huge step forward each time I attended one of Les’s workshops. Both Les and Janet are exceptional nature and fine art photographers with a personable touch in their teaching; as well as a philosophy that helps students find a deeper connection with nature and sense of purpose in their photography practice and the images they create. I have taken workshops with close to a dozen exceptional photographers and teachers, and the teaching style and expertise Les and Janet share put them at the top of my list!

- Chris Allen

Janet & Les, We had a fantastic Fuji X-Gear workshop. I learned a great deal in regard to taking a photograph, processing, and the critiques topped it all off.  You attract a great group of people, making the experience even better. And, as important as anything else, you two clearly like what you are doing and the enthusiasm is infectious.
- Charles Vanderkolk

Fujifilm™ X-Series Gear Workshop

Shooting with Fuji gear is very different from shooting with DSLR cameras. Janet Garrity Saucier and Les Saucier will teach you how to better use your Fujifilm™ X-Series camera during this four-day workshop.

May 8 – 12, 2019


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St. Augustine Photo Tour+

Save the dates! 

May 19 – 23, 2019


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Adobe Lightroom™ & Post Processing Workshop

Adobe Lightroom™ has evolved into an amazing tool for photographers. Join Les and Janet for this two-day, hands-on workshop to learn how to improve your workflow and enhance your post-processing skills.

June 1 – 2 , 2019


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Abstracts & The Art of Seeing Workshop

Expand your way of seeing the world through the lens of your camera. Join Janet Garrity Saucier and Les Saucier to explore the concepts of abstract photography and the art of seeing. Learn now to see “What else is here?” and move outside of your comfort zone, which is where change and growth in photography takes place.

June 19 – 23, 2019


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Macro Magic in the Mountains

Master the magic of macro photography with one of the Southeast’s best-known macro photographers and macro teachers, Les Saucier. Les and Janet Garrity Saucier will lead participants “through their backyard” to special locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway to study, practice and shoot macro.

July 15 – 19, 2019


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Janet & Les, The workshop was the best workshop that I have ever attended. In the field, I asked both of you questions and both of you were ready, willing and able to answer them. I got the best sunrise shots that I have ever taken and learned about correcting the texture in waterfall shots and even how to swirl abstract photos. What it amounts to is I learned an awfully lot and enjoyed every day with you.


- Gary Cathey

Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Art of Seeing Workshop

The Saucier’s “Art of Seeing” workshops are designed to help you access, and expand, your unique creative vision. And what better place and time of the year to really “see.” The Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounds in autumn can be captivating and a celebration for your eyes, your vision and your photography.

October 23 – 27, 2019


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Gibbs Gardens & Old Car City

Location, location, location. Come enjoy the beauty of autumn at Gibbs Gardens, a very special and unique location for nature photography. Old Car City is also a very unique location for shooting graphics, colors, and details of a multitude of old cars, trucks, and buses. Come celebrate the beauty of both the old and the new with Janet Garrity Saucer and Les Saucier.

November 6 – 10, 2019


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Thanks to both of you for the workshop. I enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting everyone. It was a great group of folks. Thanks to Les for the hands-on in the field. That was my favorite part, aside from the critique.


- Curtis Olinger

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