Photo Workshops

Saucier Photography workshops specialize in “creating and inspiring photography with heart.”

Gibbs Gardens & Old Car City

Location, location, location. Come enjoy the beauty of autumn at Gibbs Gardens, a very special and unique location for nature photography. Old Car City is also a very unique location for shooting graphics, colors, and details of a multitude of old cars, trucks, and buses.

November 8 – 11, 2018


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Charleston Photo Tour+

Spring is an incredible time to photograph in Charleston, SC, “The Holy City.” From the historic architecture of old Charleston to the beautiful colors of the azalea gardens in the Old South Plantations. Join Janet Garrity Saucier and Les Saucier on their Charleston Photo Tour+, the plus being a full half-day classroom critique.

March 25 – 29, 2019


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Fujifilm™ X-Series Gear Workshop

Shooting with Fuji gear is very different from shooting with DSLR cameras. Janet Garrity Saucier and Les Saucier will teach you how to better use your Fujifilm™ camera, specifically X-T1 and X-T2, during this four-day workshop.

May 8 – 12, 2019


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Janet & Les, We had a fantastic Fuji X-Gear workshop. I learned a great deal in regard to taking a photograph, processing, and the critiques topped it all off.  You attract a great group of people, making the experience even better. And, as important as anything else, you two clearly like what you are doing and the enthusiasm is infectious.
- Charles Vanderkolk

Abstracts & The Art of Seeing Workshop

Expand your way of seeing the world through the lens of your camera. Join Janet and Les Saucier to explore the concepts of abstract photography and the art of seeing.

June 19 – 23, 2019


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Macro Magic in the Mountains

Master the magic of macro photography with one of the Southeast’s best-known macro photographers and macro teachers, Les Saucier. Les and Janet Saucier will lead participants “through their backyard” to special locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

July 15-19, 2019


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Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Workshop

Les Saucier’s “Art of Seeing” workshops are designed to help you access, and expand, your unique creative vision. The workshops are designed to help you become a better photographer.

October 23-27, 2019


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Special Message: We advise registering for this workshop and booking accommodations early, as fall is a very busy time in Brevard and lodging will become limited.

In my first and subsequent workshops with Les, he planted the seed of developing an eye and finding my vision. He continued to development and promote their importance, and I learned over time that these two concepts are, in deed, critical in becoming a worthy photographer. And to this day, Les, and now with his talented wife, Janet, continues inspiring and cultivating these principles in aspiring photographers.

- Ray Roback

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