The Palouse of Washington Photo Tour+

August 27 – September 1, 2020

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Limit 10 (minimum 6 for two instructors). 9 seats still open.

Registration deadline: May 1, 2020

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We love to photograph in the Palouse in August during "the harvest" time. Rolling hills of wheat, graphic landscapes of colors, lines, depth and texture, old grain silos, barns and pickup trucks, and views from buttes - these are just some of the photographic treats you'll be delighted by on this photo tour.

Cut wheat fields offer beautiful lines and shapes left behind the giant harvestors. The contrast between cut fields, plowed fields and standing wheat fields makes for stunning images. Images from Steptoe Butte offer a bird's eye view of the same fields, as well as country roads, farm houses and barns. From details to grand vistas, the Palouse is ripe ground for amazing photographic opportunities.

Plus, what makes this a photo tour a "plus" is the critique we offer on the last day of the tour. Our critiques are geared toward constructive, educational feedback. Many of our participants tell us they learn more about how to create great images during our critiques  than they have learned in other workshops.

Questions? Email us at Please read our Workshop FAQs prior to registering.

Tentative Schedule -

  • August 27 - meet at our hotel in Pullman, WA followed by dinner together.
  • August 28 - 31 - in the field shooting and instruction. We'll shoot sunrises from Steptoe Butte, drive back roads to barns and rolling hills, find a wagon wheel fence, and a menagerie of unexpected treats along the way. Rich in color, light and details - that's the Palouse.
  • September 1 - critique of images in the morning before wrapping up the photo tour at 12 noon.

Accommodations -

Our base will the Holiday Day Inn Express in Pullman, WA.

Upon registering for the photo tour, you'll be provided with detailed information about the lodgings and how to make reservations using our group rate. Participants are responsible for booking their own rooms and following the hotel's policies.

Payment Options for this Photo Tour -

Pay online by credit card - Registration fee is $1,375; pay in full at time of registration, or you may reserve your space with a $200 deposit. The balance of $1,175 is payable anytime prior to April 1, 2020.

Pay by check or money order - Registration fee is discounted to $1,335 if paying both deposit and balance by check or money order. Email us at to register and make arrangements for payment.

Repeat clients receive a 10% discount on their registration fee of either $1,375 or $1,335, depending upon method of payment. If you have taken a previous Saucier Photography workshop or photo tour of three days or more within the last five year, you're eligible to receive a 10% discount on future three-day or more workshop and photo tour registration fees. (Sorry, photo club sponsored workshops don't qualify for this discount, nor do our one or two-day workshops.)

  • If registering online use promo code RETURN10 at checkout to receive the discount on both the deposit and the balance due, or pay in full to receive the full discount up front.
  • If paying both the deposit and balance by check or money order, email us at to register and make arrangements for payment with your 10% discount.
  • All balances are payable anytime prior to April 1, 2020.

Please note, the registration fee doesn't include your costs for travel, lodging, entry fees or food.

Hiking and Exertion -

There isn't much need for hiking unless you choose to do so, as most locations are a short distance from parking areas. Grounds may be uneven at some locations. Days can be long, so participants need to have stamina for a day in the field, particularly should the opportunity for a good sunrise and sunset occur on the same day.

Transportation -

Participants are responsible for their own transportation during the photo tour, as well as getting to Pullman and returning to your point of origin. We encourage car pooling during the photo tour when possible.

Trip Insurance -

Trip insurance is highly recommended in the case you need to cancel at the last minute due to family emergency and/or illness. Our cancellation policy is below. Each hotel has its own cancellation policy, which you are responsible to be aware of and to follow.

Cancellations -

Cancellations received prior to May 1, 2020 will receive a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee. Refunds will be paid to the participant by check from Saucier Photography and will be mailed within seven days of the cancellation notice.

Cancellations received after May 1, 2020 will necessitate forfeiture of the $200 deposit. The balance of the registration fee will be paid to the participant by check from Saucier Photography and will be mailed to the participant within seven days of the cancellation notice.

Cancellations received after June 15, 2020 will not be eligible for a refund or credit of the registration fee.

These terms apply to this photo tour and may not apply to our other workshops/photo tours.

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