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Innovative, proprietary design by Les Saucier, our Macro FlowerPod™ is a tool that gives serious macro photographers that third, or even fourth, hand we often need. For use in the field and on the table top, our Macro FlowerPod™ lends itself to better macro images by giving the shooter more control over the most challenging elements of macro photography - the background, the wind (motion) and lighting.

Now you can take control of your background by using the FlowerPod™ to hold a fabric backdrop or other objects that compliment your hero subject. In the field, The FlowerPod™ can hold the subject in place when wind or vibration is a challenge. Want to highlight an area with a beam of light? The FlowerPod™ is able to hold a small flashlight in the right location at the right angle, freeing your hands for other tasks. Need a diffuser? No problem. The FlowerPod™ can be used to hold a small diffuser or reflector. You may even consider using multiple FlowerPods™ to really take charge of your shooting environment.

Each Flowerpod™ comes in a black nylon draw-string bag for easy storage in your camera bag. In the nylon bag, the FlowerPod™ weighs one pound. The tripod legs extend up to 40 inches, and the holder measures an additional 10 inches when in a straight position, for a maximum height of 50 inches. Each Macro FlowerPod™ kit includes our GroundPod™, which is designed to be used with the FlowerPod™ head and inserted into the ground when your subject is very low and beyond the reach of the FlowerPod™ tripod.

NEW! 11" Extension - If you'd like to add more height, we now offer the Macro FlowerPod™ kit with an optional 11-inch extension, offering a maximum height of 61 inches. Simply attach the extension to the top of the tripod then add the standard holder. The extension, like the holder, attaches to the tripod with magnets. (See illustration to left.) To order a Macro FlowerPod™ kit plus the 11-inch extension, select the option in the drop-down above.

Les designed the original Macro FlowerPod™ as a solution to some of the challenges of shooting macro. Macro photography was his first love, discovering in a science lab while researching insects that macro opened up a whole new world to photographers and viewers alike. Les is one of the Southeast's best-known macro photographers and teachers of the art, and he's always happy to share his "secrets," one of them being his Macro Flowerpod™.