Mountain Blue Book



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See the mountains we all love like you’ve never seen them before inside the pages of “Mountain Blue.”

Perfectly crafted billions of years ago, the Southern Appalachian Mountains have many gifts — pristine waterfalls, rich wildlife, old forests and characteristic blue mist that adorns its famous  ranges - the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smokey Mountains.

Cherokee called the Smokies "Shaconage" (Sha-Kon-O-Hey), "land of the blue smoke.” The Blue Ridge are a sight to behold when first light reveals mountain tops surrounded by blue mist. Where else can you view a landscape of mountainous islands floating in a sea of azure clouds?

In fitting tribute to the majesty of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, photographers and authors, Janet and Les Saucier, share with you special places and unique sights found only in the Southern Appalachians Mountains.

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