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How Colors Make Us Feel – Warm Colors

Creating vs Recording Photography Series - Part 3: Color is all around us, whether we're in the mountains watching a sunrise from East Fork Overlook or sitting in front of our computer monitors. Human beings are hardwired to respond to colors. For photographers,...

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How to Create with Color

Creating vs Recording Photography Series - Part 2: Color may be the most emotionally impactful tool visual artists have at their disposal. Fine artists spend years studying color. Industries invest millions of dollars to research color trends. Graphic...

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How to Use the Tool of Texture

Creating vs Recording Photography Series - Part 1: Let's begin by considering how texture impacts your senses. The sense of taste registers texture - think of a creamy milkshake or a crunchy potato chip. Our sense of touch perceives texture. Remember the...

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Creating vs. Recording Photography

Creating vs Recording Photography Series - Introduction: Is photography art? Some certainly is art, and some photography is not. What makes for the difference? The difference is whether the photograph is a "recording" or a "creation." Digital technology...

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